Session 1 Factual Recap

Session 1 Factual Recap

The session began with Market Day in Souspierre. It is the 13th day of Ailhad (Also called Second Seed, what we call May) and it is Satharne (Saturday). The priests called the day a Holiday according to the moons, as tonight there will only be one moon in the sky – Mios, the second largest. Luan and tiny Re are new moons for the next two nights.

As part of Market Day, Dwarven representatives from the Blackrock clan that lives in and around the Adharc mountains made the journey to town. The party was lead by a familiar face, Bruenor, an older Dwarf known for the purple birthmark which covers his left cheek, disappearing into his beard. He was accompanied by a younger female Dwarf, Hiln, who appeared to be a ranger or outdoorsman of some sort. She also has an Owlbear cub.

The Dwarves reported that, during their trek, they had heard strange noises and when investigating them, some of their party had been wounded by arrows. Since there were only five of them and two of them were wounded, the Dwarves chose to flee, heading for the safety of town. They were not followed, but they reported that other travelers had been attacked near that same part of the mountain road, deep in the forest.

Comte Arnot was very eager to have this put right, as Souspierre depends on good relations with the Dwarves in order to survive. He summoned our group of Guardians and quickly promised the Dwarves that our heroes would be able to fix the problem, before he just as quickly dismissed them, not giving you much of a chance to speak at all.

The group then chose to gather some intelligence and paid a visit to Tired Winter, an Ahlak living on the outskirts of town. The old bull was friendly, but hassled our group somewhat playfully. According to Winter, the strange cries and tactics reminded him of the “bird men”, but he was unsure what the name of them was in the Common Tongue. He advised the party that they were cowards, but to be careful.

Gathering supplies, the group took off and within a day, found themselves at the location of the break in the tree-line along the road that the attack had taken place. Martin quickly spotted a very rudimentary pit trap right in the way, but as he went to investigate, the sound of a crying child echoed through the wood.

Mordai was able to sneak into the woods and spot a Kenku making the racket. Drawing on Winter’s statement that they were cowards, Mordai and Rajula combined their magical skills for a little hocus-pocus, shaking the ground while demanding the Kenku step forth in a loud, god-like voice. Properly frightened, he did.

The party found out the bird-men can understand common but cannot speak it. Instead, the only thing they can do is mimic sounds that they have heard. After some back-and-forth, they found out there were several more bird-men ahead. The group decided to let this one go and he fled, through the woods, away from the old, broken temple complex that lay up the hill in front of them. When Rajula destroyed the pit trap to prevent anyone else from falling into it, she noticed deep claw marks scoring the walls. The Bird-men had apparently captured something!

Moving into the ruins proper, they discovered this used to be a large temple to Belenus, one of the Righ An Dul, the God of the Sun and battle. The main courtyard had a large temple complex to the North on a hill, another large complex to the South mostly taken over by trees, with smaller outbuildings to the West and East. Our heroes entered from the East.

In the middle of these buildings was a large courtyard, in the center of which is a covered well, surrounded by cracked and broken tiles that once formed a mosaic, framed by statues, well worn with time, one of which has collapsed. Several kenku surrounded the area, and the party battled them.

Martin killed one, Rajula and Martin killed another, Jareth killed one and Mordai put two, including the spellcaster, to sleep.

While crawling through the ruins to prepare for his attack, Ser Jareth found a young woman, beaten, bloody and unconscious, wearing fine clothes.

As it we left it, the party had just finished combat and needs to decide what to do with two unconscious kenku and what to do about this unexpected unconscious woman that was under guard like a captive.
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