Auverne is a land of rolling hills, beautiful coastlines and elegant mountains. The capitol, Albion, sits on the coast of the Mor Canol and is bathed in beautiful mediterranean weather. Sheep, wool, wines, fruit, timber, cheese and other luxuries are the primary exports of the country.

The largest river in Auverne is the Serle river, which runs from the Adharc Mountains to the coast of Mor Canol. The river is broad and cold when it runs from the mountains, then passes fields of lavender and small villages and castles as it winds its way to the coast.

Auverne is approximately 250,000 square miles in size. Of this, 38% or 96,000 square miles is arable land and 61% or 153,000 square miles is wilderness. The total population of the country is 15 million people.

The largest city, Albion, has a population of 54,000 people roughly.

The second largest city, Troussencourt, has 27,000 people.

There are four other cities of note: Lor, Oursel, Lacaune and Vernot each with a population of 20-25,000

There are 54 towns scattered around, with a population between 3-6,000:

The remaining population live in scattered villages, isolated dwellings and so on. Roughly half a million people live in the cities, the remainder are in the smaller villages that support the larger cities. The population density is roughly 60 persons per square mile, making it feel like Missouri or Arkansas. You can certainly find pockets of civilization, but there are also vast stretches of wilderness where you can walk for days without meeting anyone.

Auverne stretches 598 miles North to South and 590 miles East to West. At a normal walking rate and walking 8 hours day, it would take roughly 25 days to walk from the Southern most point of Auverne to the most Northern portion and 24.5 days to go from West to East or East to West.
It takes roughly 6 days to sail from West to East and North to South, so to sail around the country would take about 18 days.

There are six ducal regions, each ruled by a Duc who lives in one of the largest cities in the nation.. These Ducal regions are broken down into Comtes or counties, ruled by Comtes. Each Comte has several Marquis who own manor homes and oversee villages.

The Ducal regions are:

Albion – Duc Gerard Carrel, Chateau de Lions, the Castle of Lions (also Chateau de Or, Castle of Gold)

Troussencourt – Duc Perrin Rowan, Chateau de Feuilles, the Castle of Leaves

Lor – Duc Vivienne Lees, Chateau de Chansons, the Castle of Songs

Oursel – Duc Odette Baschet, Chateau la Mer, the Castle of the Sea

Lacaune – Duc Tibal Daubresse, Chateau la Lumiere, the Castle of Lights

Vernot – Duc Aurelian Lanctot, Chateau la Pierre, the Castle of Stone


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